Nicole Marden is contemporary country singer/songwriter born and raised in a small town in Northern California. Her love for catchy pop melodies and evoking emotion through story telling has lead her down a path she never imagined. Unlike many musicians, Nicole started her musical journey as an adult which made the journey a bit more challenging. She dove head first into mastering the art of songwriting through all avenues she could run down after a huge life change. The following years were spent with endless hours of voice, guitar, theory and absorbing all the knowledge and experience she could get. She truly feels music is a therapy, whether making it or consuming it and hopes her music can be a soundtrack to others stories. She wants to inspire women, no matter what age to love themselves more than ever and chase their passions regardless of the pressure of social norms. In addition to writing and performing, Nicole is a huge animal lover at heart. She can't imagine life without a dog by her side.


Nicole's musical footprint began in 2018 with her first self titled ep. She is now on the verge of releasing new music starting with her upcoming single "Obsession." With heartbreak staring as the main theme in her previous ep, she can't wait to share this fun and flirty summer anthem!

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Champagne Remedy Single Release

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Obsession - Official Music Video

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David Gray

David Gray

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Sean Lumibao

Team work makes the dream work

Music, Friendship & Hardwork

I could not be more grateful to have these amazing guys by my side though this incredible journey! Their talents are endless and they have been so supportive of my visions and where I want my music to go! Can't wait to continue sharing what we've been working on!


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